M.V. Sunny

Hi Friends, I am an Indian born and brought up in a Christian family in a village called Kallissery in the state of Kerala the southern tip of India. We belong to Mulampallil Family and my parents are MR.M.V.VARGHESE and Late MRS. CHINNAMMA VARGHESE. We are Seven Brothers and Three Sisters and I am the youngest of all . My parents were not that rich materially but were rich in love, compassion and care. They brought me up in the fear of God. They gave their yesterdays for my todays and what I am today is because of them. I have a wonderful wife and three loving kids. Since the 1970's, we been living in the Arabian Gulf in connection with our job. I am a printing professional, Managing a Printing and Publishing House. I am a Born again Christian in fellowship with the Brethren Assembly in Dubai.  Am blessed with a talent which you can understand through my songs hosted on the IndiaChristian.com website.


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"For a spiritual man there are no frontiers between his personal life and public life between the inner and outer."

Life Beautiful - M.P. Pandit