About Me

Hi! My name is Libny.   I am a professional Web Designer and Musician from Bangalore, India.  God has given me talents in music.  From the age of 14, I started writing lyrics.  Later on I used to give music for my lyrics. But the breakthrough I really got through one of my  super hit songs "Prakkalepol naam paraneeduame".It was in 2004, I wrote this song and gave music.I thank God with humble and gratefull heart for using me to serve Him. My other hits include Prathyasha Onnudnu, Ella Navum Paadivazhtum for Holy Beats Cochin, Kaahalm Dwanicheedarai etc.All these songs you can listen in my albums page.It's all not because of my merits, but His everlasting grace and mercy showed on  cross at calvary by sacrificing His only begotten Son -Jesus Christ.Let His name be glorified. AMEN.

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