God has brought Jose from a humble upbringing in Kerala, India and enabled him to produce this first recording in his mother-tongue, Malayalam.  From a young age, Jose has been blessed with a talent to sing.  After his basic education, he went to a well-known music academy in Kerala where he studied Carnatic Classical music, the traditional classical style of Southern India.  He laid down his musical dreams for 5 years as God directed him to pursue training in Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  Jose and his wife Sarah presently reside in Pune, India.  Together they work to redeem the arts of India.  Recently God has inspired Jose to again pursue his musical dreams.  "Ashrayam Nee" is the result!  Arts With A Mission is a small part of Youth With A Mission.  We are dedicated to excellence in the arts in order to know God better and to make Him known.  We see a great response from people when we use their various cultural expressions to share the gospel.  This recording is the first production of Arts With A Mission in Pune, India.  In Pune, Jose Joseph and Rosie Pachuau have pioneered the School of Performing Arts (SOPA).  In the SOPA students learn the Biblical basis for using the arts and receive training in dance, drama, and music.  The three month lecture phase of SOPA is followed by two months of outreach.  Traveling throughout India, students use their artistic skills to creatively minister to people, Christian and non-Christian.  Although presently, SOPA is the main function of Arts With A Mission in Pune, God has placed great dreams in our hearts.  These dreams include developing teams to specifically reach various Indian people groups, training worship bands, and building a recording studio where worship music can be produced in may different languages.

The proceeds of this recording will go toward the production of Jose's next worship album in Hindi.  The arts are such an expressive and creative way to reach people.  Pray for our ministry as we reach the people of India through the arts!