Dear Friends,

Thanks for visiting my web page and listening to "Swar Sagar".  I hope these songs will help you to praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

This CD is dedicated to my nephew, Rajeev John George, whose life was tragically ended at the age of 34 on Feb 21, 2005.  While I was recording this CD in Bangalore on Feb 22nd 2005, his funeral was being held at the same time in Mhow, M.P..    Raju (as we called him) was convener of the National Forum of Housing Rights in India and a co-founder of Deenbandhu (Friends of the Poor), a community organization based in Indore and well known for its innovative approaches to preventing forced evictions and developing pro-poor interventions in city Master Plans. He was widely admired by housing rights activists around the word of his passionate sense of justice and his creative solutions to the problems of the urban poor.  He received COHRE's Housing Rights Defender Award in 2004 in recognition of his outstanding commitment to the realization of housing rights of all people, and his groundbreaking work using satellite images and GIS technology to accurately map slum areas and identify relocation sites.   May his life continue to inspire us to care for those who are not privileged in our society.

My parents came from Kerala to Sagar, M.P. (India) to serve the Lord.  I was born and brought up in Sagar.  You will feel the flavor of folk music of Madhya Pradesh in my songs.  Although currently I am residing in United States for more than 2 decades my love for the place where I grew up continues to live in my heart.

My special thanks to all the singers and musicians who traveled distances and did their best to bring out the original flavor to my songs.

I would like to hear your comments about these songs.  You may reach me via e-mail.

In Christ.

John Johnson Kurian

Credits for "Swar Sagar":

   Song Writer/Music    John Johnson Kurian

   Music Director          M.S. Maruthy

   Recorded at              Parikh Studio, Bangalore